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Beginner’s Yoga Teacher Training and Modification Lab
May 30-31
With Kelly Haas & Michelle Baker

Learn to teach beginners with more skill, clear articulation, and proper use of props and modifications. This two day event is co-taught by Kelly Haas and Michelle Baker.


Kelly’s portion:
Saturday 12-4pm: Standing Poses
Sunday 12:30-3:30pm: Backbends, Teaching Lab, and Q&A

Michelle’s portion:
Saturday 4:30-8:30 Outline, blueprint, sequence, and Forward Folds Michelle

Impeccably teach Beginners Yoga Classes with skill, eagle eye, clear articulation & trajectory.
We consider Beginners Yoga Teachers to be Advanced Yoga Teachers and practitioners of which requires a greater level of skill, patience, the understanding and articulation of alignment, & learning all of the modifications of all body types, capabilities and age levels.

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Full Training $195

Drop in: Saturday Only $120

Sunday Only $90