Restorative Teacher Training at Swan River

Kelly Haas & Michelle Baker


Dates & Times: TBA

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Learn Interdisciplinary Skills

Restorative poses, Thai therapeutics, Reiki, Aromatherapy & more

A balanced approach to healing

Teach balanced health and self-healing from trauma or injury

Open to all health professionals

Suitable for yoga teachers and those in the healing profession

Course Description:

Restorative Yoga is a receptive practice of mindful resting to heal injuries and/or traumas and invoke a deep sense of relaxation necessary for radiant, balanced health. It is vital to help move energy for anyone healing from any injury or trauma. As a teacher, it is critical that you know what to do, and how to skillfully and confidently respond to students in their process of healing.

Our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for yoga teachers and those in the healing profession who wish to amplify their skills in one of the most accessible forms of yoga. You will be taught the physiology of relaxation, and experience the magic of restorative poses in your own body in this retreat training.

Restorative Yoga classes are some of our best attended classes at Swan River Yoga. There is a reason for this. Although it appears not much is going on in the outer form, a lot is happening in the undercurrents of our experience.

You will learn how to facilitate all components of a Swan River Restorative Yoga class. Along with getting into the poses properly with the use of various props, we also offer Thai Yoga Therapeutics in all of our Restorative Yoga Classes (Kelly and Michelle are both trained in this), Reiki Energy Clearing (Michelle is a Reiki Master), Sound Therapy through music and mantra, and essential oils for aromatherapy. Restorative Yoga Classes at Swan River will also always have a Dharma Talk and/or breathing exercises and meditation.

About the Facilitators

Co-faculty members, Michelle and Kelly, both with years of experience, will teach the art and skill of teaching restorative yoga from the most gross to the most subtle layers. We will give you a practical understanding of how restorative poses work for balance and inner quiet. We wish to help you make this type of yoga available to heal the masses, and so are offering this first dedicated course of its kind in the Gulf Region.


Investment: TBA