A Weekend of Conscious Movement

June 10th-12th
Swan River Yoga, New Orleans

“Listen to what you know through your body.” – Frances Payne Adler

Yoga helps us adapt in today’s fast paced, overly connected world. We can slow down and listen to the intelligence of the body, feel the internal energy flows, and recalibrate the nervous system.

I am thrilled to be back with my Swan River community in New Orleans, and have designed this weekend of classes so there is something for everyone! Safe and intelligent practices include rigorous asana, restorative, adaptive, therapeutics, and a clinic for teachers!

To register, sign up through www.swanriveryoga.com.
For more information and questions, reach out to haaskelly@yahoo.com.

Friday, June 10th

Align and Restore (Mixed Level)

This mixed level practice will be fun, invigorating and challenging. We will align the body through a dynamic practice, and treat ourselves to restoration and unwinding to end.

Remember the old days of my Monday Anusara yoga classes? Well if you loved that practice, this is for you, with a little restoration to boot!

Saturday, June 11th

Upper Body Clinic (All Levels)

Maintaining strength and flexibility in the upper spine, shoulders, arms and neck are imperative to our posture and health. These parts of the body often get overlooked. This class will address upper body alignment, integrity, and teach a balance of strengthening and opening for radiant upper body health.

Effective Yoga Assists (Yoga Teachers)

Assisting our students through precise articulation, proper use of props, and clear touch can offer the student therapeutic benefits not otherwise achievable. In this teacher’s clinic, we will discuss, practice, and learn techniques in effective assisting.

This clinic is for all yoga teachers.

Sunday, June 12th

Subtle Body Practices (All levels)

A mindful yoga practice with movement, stillness, and breath work to explore our subtle body. Learn and listen to the vital forces within us that unify the body and mind.


$30 / class


Swan River Yoga Mid City Mandir
2940 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70119