Integrative Yoga Privates

In individualized sessions, I synthesize my 20+ years experience and tailor the practice to your specific needs.

Private sessions are effective for those with health issues, conditions, or injuries.

Yoga postures are medicinal in nature when applied properly. We address imbalances in your body, and I prescribe an individualized yoga program to promote balance and health.

My extensive education and hands-on experience gives me deep understanding in how to:


teach beginners effectively


adapt practices for students with physical limitations or disabilities


address pertinent health issues facing older populations


create safe practices for all stages of pregnancy


set up and guide restorative practices to calm the nervous system and nourish the body for healing

“Yoga is for all. Movement is medicine. Breath is life giving. If you are inspired to start, the practice of yoga is for YOU.”

Some of my long term clients include individuals with:

post operative care needs

physical therapy, or post physical therapy

during all stages of pregnancy

sports injuries

herniated discs or spinal conditions

pre and post knee and hip replacement

auto immune disorders

cerebral palsy

multiple sclerosis

kelly haas integrative privates

How to book:


$120 / hour in person

$90 / hour virtual

Cancellation Policy:

Each session requires 24 hours cancellation. No refunds if cancelation is less than 24 hours.