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Integrative Yoga Privates

Integrative yoga sessions are the best way to address your individual needs, as each session is tailored to you.

Private sessions often:

-Address health issues, conditions, or injuries, and how yoga impacts them
-Include postural assessment
-Address imbalances in the body, and prescribe a tailored yoga program to promote balance and health
-Assist regular yoga students by giving them personalized instructions, tips on how to deepen their existing practice, and time to ask questions and receive council
-Delve more deeply into specific part of the practice like meditation or yoga philosophy.

Always in private settings the student is guided to tap into their own intuition and facilitate their own healing response.

Sessions may incorporate discussion, breath work, yoga asana with hands-on assists, yoga therapeutics, restorative poses, and Thai body work.

Some of my long term clients include individuals with:

  • post-operation
  • post-physical therapy
  • prenatal
  • with sports injuries
  • herniated and fused spinal discs
  • knee and hip replacements
  • auto-immune disorders
  • cerebral palsy
  • multiple sclerosis

Yoga is for all.
Movement is medicine.
Breath is life giving.
If you are inspired to start, the practice of yoga is for YOU.

kelly haas integrative privates




$100 – 1 hour

$150 – 1.5 hours

*$20 additional fee for travel outside Midcity New Orleans

Cancelation Policy:

Each session requires 24 hours cancellation. No refunds if cancelation is less than 24 hours.