Weekly Classes


4:45-5:45pm – Restorative
6-7:15pm – Prenatal


4:45-5:45pm – Adaptive Yoga (Co-taught with Keith Porteous)


9:30-10:30am – Beginners: Level 2 Fundamentals
10:45am-12pm ~ Intermediate Led Practice


Swan River Yoga
Mid City Mandir
2940 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

Class Descriptions

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is yoga for every body. This class meets your body where it is, including bodies with limited mobility, flexibility and balance. Regardless of age, ability level or experience, you will be offered personalized adaptations of fundamental yoga poses. Each student receives support to enhance and deepen their mind-body connection. Co-taught by Kelly Haas and Keith Porteous with additional support and assistance from graduates of Swan River Yoga’s Therapeutics Teacher Training. Class is limited to 10 students.

Beginners: Level 1 Foundations

For those entirely new to the practice. Develop strength and balance through emphasis on building the foundation of the pose, creating space in the spine, and aligning the general form of each pose mindfully. This class breaks down the asana (poses) succinctly, with proper use of props so they are safely explained, demonstrated, and experienced with modifications.

This class is appropriate for students with injuries and/or physical limitations.

Beginners: Level 2 Fundamentals

For beginning practitioners or on-going students who desire alignment-focused, slower moving classes. This class explains and demonstrates asana poses succinctly and with safety. Building on strength and balance, and a spacious spine, this class includes clear form and actions, solid alignment techniques, strengthening in backbends, and a slow introduction to more weight bearing poses on the upper body without vinyasa flow.


For all moms to be regardless of yoga experience. This class is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy and all ability levels.

Each practice begins and ends with restorative poses, with dynamic postures in between, and an introduction to various breathing exercises.

It is a precious preparation for birth through breath work, rest, and leg / hip strengthening and opening, which can offer relief for lower back pain and sciatica often present in pregnancy. It soothes the nerves and balances emotions.

In this supportive environment, you’ll be in community and meet and practice with other moms to be.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga invites deep nurturing, receptivity, internal inquiry, and space for healing. It is a great practice for students of any age or ability level, as long as they have the capacity of getting up / down from the floor.

Restorative yoga poses help to rebalance your mind and body and counteract the effects of chronic stress and illness. They also help us learn the art of relaxing deeply.

Most poses are done lying down or seated. Each position offers a full use of props including bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, and eye pillows to create ease and comfort. All poses are demonstrated and clearly explained.

In each class, expect to practice 5-7 poses, plus breath work and meditation. Each pose is held from 5-20 minutes to facilitate relaxation and health.

In this class, I also incorporate hands-on assists, aromatherapy, sound therapy.

Intermediate Led Practice

This weekly class is a fun, community bonding practice. I am on my mat practicing with you, while closely watching and offering assists or personal instruction as needed.

In each session, I chose one or two peak, intermediate poses to work towards. Through various warm ups and poses, we break down the key alignment principles and actions necessary to safely perform these peak poses.

This practice is an excellent way to take your practice to the next level, and challenge yourself!