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Weekly Classes

Weekly classes will continue to be offered online through the end of 2020.


4:45-5:45pm – Restorative (online)


4:45-5:45pm – Adaptive Yoga (online)


9:30-10:30am – Beginners: Level 2 Fundamentals (online)

If these times do not work with you, please consider a private yoga session with me which are held virtually through Zoom, or in person in New Orleans.

Private yoga sessions are the most effective way to address individual needs and goals.

Live Streaming Instructions

If you are not a registered Swan River Yoga student, you must create an account to participate.

1) Create or Log in to your Swan River account here. You must pre-register for class.

2) From the Swan River Schedule page, enroll in the class of your choice. Please enroll by 15 minutes prior to class start time.

3) Download Zoom, if you do not already have an account to the device where you will stream the class (phone, computer, iPad).

4) Right before class, look for a note from Swan River with a code for the Zoom meeting. And, ensure you have a good Internet connection.

Email Deb Pela: if you do not receive the email with instructions to connect.

5) Open Zoom
Click “Join”
Enter meeting ID and password emailed to you from Swan River.
Click “Join without video”
Click”Join with computer audio”

6) Unroll your mat and gather your props. (List of suggested props below in the class descriptions. And if you have none, we will improvise.)


Swan River Yoga
Mid City Mandir
2940 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

Prop resources

My Family! My mother and I design and hand-make yoga sand bags, yoga hand weights, and eye pillows. Reach out directly to me or to Debby Duncan: to order! – Highest quality bolsters, and other yoga props available – Discounted site for yoga mats and props

Online Class Descriptions

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive yoga is for every body. The class is designed to meet your body where it is, and offer variations of poses to be practiced standing, seated, or lying down. Taught in a slow, steady, articulate pace, I seek to present modifications that can serve all student to experience the energy and opening that each pose has to offer. Regardless of age or physical ability level, we will explore foundational poses designed to strengthen and open your physical body and deepen your mind body connection.

*New students: please reach out to me prior to class, and tell me about yourself.*

Props recommended:
-Yoga mat
-Two or three blocks
-Two or three firm blankets
-Yoga strap (or scarf, belt, towel)
-A yoga or straight-backed chair
-One bolster (or firm couch cushion / rolled, firm blankets)
-Eye pillow or eye covering

Beginners: Level 2 Fundamentals

For beginning practitioners or on-going student who desire an alignment-focused, non-flowing, steady, dynamic practice. This class explains and demonstrates asana poses succinctly and with safety, with use of proper props. Our focus is a supple and spacious spine, to build strength and flexibility in the body, and to understand good form, posture, and alignment techniques. Includes lots of fundamental standing poses.

Props recommended:
-Yoga mat
-Two blocks (books, rolled blankets, etc also work)
-One or two blankets
-Yoga strap (scarf, rope, belt, etc also work)
-One bolster recommended (couch cushions, tightly rolled and tied blankets, etc. also work)
-Eye pillow and hand weights recommended


For all moms to be regardless of yoga experience. This class is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy and all ability levels.

This class is designed to strengthen the body, soothe the nerves, balance emotions, and prepare the mom-to-be for pregnancy and birth. The practice begins and ends with restorative poses, includes dynamic postures to strength and open spine, legs, shoulders, and hips specifically, and introduces moms-to-be to various breathing exercises. It is a good antidote to back pain and sciatica sometimes present during pregnancy.

Props recommended*:
-Yoga mat
-Two blocks (books, a stool, etc also work)
-Two or three blankets
-Two bolsters (couch cushions, tightly rolled and tied blankets etc. also work)
-Eye pillow and hand weights (recommended)

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is vital for these times, and through its practice invites deep nurturing, relaxation, internal inquiry, and space for healing. It is for students of any age or ability level to counteract the effects of chronic stress or illness. It soothes the nervous system, boosts the immune system, and rebalances the mind.

Most poses are held 5-20 minutes and are done lying down or seated. The student needs the capacity to get up / down from the floor or modify on a wide bench or raised platform. It is prop intensive.

All poses are demonstrated and precisely explained, with a variety of modifications to suite each student’s needs.

Props recommended:
-Yoga mat
-Two or three blocks (books, rolled blankets, etc also work)
-Three to five blankets
-Two bolsters (couch cushions, tightly rolled and tied blankets, etc. also work)
-Yoga strap (scarf, rope, belt, etc also work)
-Two sandbags recommended
-Eye pillow and hand weights recommended