Kelly has been an incredible resource for me in maintaining my physical integrity through two pregnancies with children born 17 months apart. I was especially grateful for her help to keep my second child in an ideal position to have an unmedicated birth, and he was over 9 pounds. Kelly has worked with me postnatally for two years and counting, and helped me put my body back together stronger and healthier. My pelvic floor, core and posture have all improved thanks to our work together.
Lauren Doussan, New Orleans, LA

It has been my extraordinarily good fortune to have crossed paths with Kelly Haas. She has enriched my life on myriad levels. More than four years ago I was seeking a body-work teacher/therapist to help stabilize my hip before total hip replacement surgery and to support postoperative healing. I found Kelly through word-of-mouth recommendations and I have been working with her several times a week ever since. My body has profoundly changed over this time. I am stronger, more supple, and my balance and stamina have dramatically improved. In addition to her deep understanding of human anatomy, Kelly has honed and freely shares her intuitive and spiritual skills. Especially now during this crazy locked-down time, it has been such a gift to have Kelly in my life, even over Zoom! Her presence is calming and caring, and I feel holistically better after each of our sessions. BTW, I’m 62 – my goal is to be strong, supple, and stable at 70! Thanks to Kelly, I’m pretty sure I’m good for it!!!

Dr Sharon Pollin, Portland, Oregon

I have multiple sclerosis, and use a wheelchair for mobility. A private trainer I worked with recommended I try yoga. “Are you kidding me, what can I do? I can’t stand. What would I possible be able to do?”, I said. I met Kelly a few months later at a party but my apprehension continued to grow. Then, shortly after my trainer moved away, and I knew I needed help.

I found it!! Kelly was better than any doctor, physical therapist, or psychologist that I had seen. I was receiving all that in a yoga therapy session. I wish I wouldn’t have procrastinated on starting my yoga journey.

Everyone I send to her for sessions agrees her knowledge of the body is immense.

I am now a pro at pigeon pose and bound angle, so I believe. And, the sessions relax my mind as much as my body. I am blessed.

Don’t overthink whether you should consider yoga therapy like I did. Go! Kelly is top notch at her profession.

Alan Diamond, AKA Mr. Skeptic, now with 2.5 years of practice

I worked with Kelly over the period around 18 months and on a number of body parts. I was in bad shape after decades of sitting too much, running, basketball leagues and an extremely painful and debilitating lower back injury.
Working with Kelly was very healing. Kelly assessed what was wrong and devised corrective exercises. Kelly assigned homework (and was kind when I rarely did them). She’s a great listener, a warm spirit and a wise instructor. My time and money were well spent, in fact working with Kelly was a bargain. I am thankful for her contribution to my health and recommend her most highly and without reservation.
Kristopher Kaliebe, MD

Associate Professor, University of South Florida, Psychiatry Department

Kelly ‘the hamstring whisperer’ Haas has helped me develop my practice in ways that I never thought possible.   As a life long runner, I spent many years with the assumption that my hips and hamstrings would never open, and certain poses were off limits.   Kelly, in a playful yet challenging way, offers clear instruction, an AMAZING knowledge of therapeutics, and an inherent belief in her students’ potential.  Those combined along with a hilarious sense of humor created a space and class that is hard to compare, where growth is abundant.  I am grateful and forever more healthy from her teachings.

Susan Audino, Charlotte, N.C.

Kelly’s expansive knowledge of anatomy has helped me determine what was causing my pain. She explained the steps I needed to take to prevent it. Kelly is a remarkable listener. She understands the message and translates it into what I’m calling “therapeutic yoga”. She encourages efforts that are difficult and makes my age-related issues more manageable. Her positive attitude in infused in her work. Practicing what she has taught me helps me become aware of how my body is made of many “parts” and what I need to do to get them to work together in balance. She has led me to greater awareness.
Christie Perdigao, Yoga Student

I have chronic middle-aged back pain, and my doctors told me I’d only get relief if I let them fuse three of the compressed vertebrae in my neck. Determined to avoid surgery, I asked for Kelly’s help. She taught me how to stand, stretch and breathe in ways that alleviated pain, restored mobility and redirected the energy in my body. It was a revelation. Kelly’s knowledge of body mechanics, breathwork and multiple traditions of yoga is awesome, but the real key to her success is her humility and her genuine interest in applying what she knows to helping people.
Lilian LeGardeur, Yoga Student, New Orleans, LA

Kelly’s Art of Alignment workshop gave me insight into my own body, tendencies, and habits of movement that would be hard to receive in a regular class or even a teacher training. Kelly has a unique ability to understand what she is seeing in someone’s physical form, and she speaks succinctly and eloquently to make the principles of healthy alignment accessible for the rest of us. She understands that the actions necessary to create good alignment will be different for each body and covers the gamut of possibilities, making this a great choice for teachers and students alike. She is fun, smart, articulate, structured in her approach, good at answering questions, and will make you laugh while you learn. Studying with her has brought much more clarity and wisdom into my own practice and I am so grateful for the ability to have taken this workshop with her twice.
Laura Hasenstein, Swan River Yoga Teacher

Kelly exudes her love for life, travel and her clear intention of helping humans through the practice and study of yoga! She has a wonderful way of creating a warm connection among the class as she shares stories of her travel experiences through her concise and organized teaching style. You will leave Kelly’s class feeling like you just took a historical trip around the globe! I always look forward to what I will learn from other cultures which leaves me feeling more connected to the greater whole.
Kellie Jackson Daniel, Yoga Instructor, Charlotte, N.C.

Not only is Kelly who I turn to for help with students, but she has helped me continue to practice with two torn rotator cuffs. She figures out subtleties that escape me and I completely trust her! I feel safe in her very capable hands.
Amanda Rubinstein-Stern, Yoga Instructor, New Orleans, LA

The gift of receiving a yoga class led by Kelly is magical and getting the opportunity to do so privately is simply the icing on the cake! Kelly’s classes are always full of heart and her passion gives you that extra burn that hurts so good. Her knowledge.. attention to detail and having a knack for bringing out the very best in yourself is what leaves me always wanting to come back for more. Thank you Kelly!
André Araiz, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Kelly´s Art of Alignment Workshop quite literally changed my life. I arrived to the class as a yogi with many years of experience on the mat as student and teacher. I was humbled to learn just how much more there was to understand about body mechanics. Kelly is an excellent teacher and very gracefully communicates complex ideas into tangible instructions that can be easily interpreted by the body. I have plans to go to this workshop every year that it is offered and feel so grateful for its positive impact on my own practice and on the classes I offer as a teacher. Thank you Kelly!
Katie Wiliamson, Yoga Teacher and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I’ve been most fortunate to have experienced private sessions with a handful of some of the best yoga teachers.  Kelly Haas tops my list.  Her incredible knowledge of yoga, the sutras and sanskrit is only surpassed by her intuition to detect nuances in each students body and tailor a practice for each individuals wants and needs.  Her positive energy and soothing spirit is lagniappe (or a little something extra as we say in Louisiana).  I’ll always be grateful for the indelible effect she’s imprinted on my practice.  Thanks, Kelly.
Cheryl Timmins, New Orleans, LA

I tried yoga for the first time during my pregnancy and I was so lucky to find Kelly Haas! Any apprehension I had about trying prenatal yoga quickly melted away after my first session. Her gentle nature, encouraging attitude, and profound wisdom make her a truly phenomenal teacher. Our work together helped me stay open physically and emotionally throughout all the stages of my pregnancy. The techniques we worked on during our sessions also prepared me for my labor and delivery, keeping me centered and strong. Staying active during my pregnancy and keeping my body in good alignment aided my post-pregnancy recovery time as well. Kelly has remarkable knowledge of proper body alignment. I was always amazed that she could look at my body and instantly identify what was out of alignment. I left every session feeling elongated and full of joy. As my pregnant belly grew, it felt so good to make extra space for my baby during each session! I am so grateful for her guidance.
Laura Leenaars, Pre-natal Student

I have the good fortune of being not only one of Kelly’s students, but also a colleague and a friend. I am so grateful to have her in my life. As a yoga instructor and physical therapist, I know the challenges and joys of working intimately with people and their bodies both physically and energetically; Kelly’s skill and unquestionable love for this work greatly enriches and enhances my own. As a yoga practitioner and student, I know the challenges and joys of having a regular practice and the absolute necessity and serendipity of finding a good teacher. Kelly is an awesome teacher. I have seen over many, many years of being her student, just how tirelessly dedicated, well studied, energized, honest, and present she is; both in her relationship to teaching and to her own practice. Her commitment to learning allows me as a student to continue to grow and it seems that she always has more to offer. Her knowledge of anatomy and yoga therapeutics has helped me to feel much more at home in my own body and has made me a better therapist. Kelly’s many strengths, her knowledge, her integrity, and her commitment to practice and study, support and are supported by her intuition and natural eye to see what her students need to do to in order to align their bodies; and for me, when this happens, I have the opportunity to experience more freedom and ease in my mind and the inherent strength of my physical body which in turn supports all aspects of my life in ways I never would have imagined.
Lauren Shepley

Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor, New Orleans, LA