Yoga Alignment Clinics

June 17-18th
Uru Yoga Pensacola, FL

For Yoga Teachers and Dedicated Yoga Students

It isn’t only what we do, but how we do it that makes a difference. Learn mindful, aligned practices that balance the body and can help prevent and heal from injuries.

In this alignment workshop series, two classes focus on proper form and action in yoga practice for optimal balance and energy flow, as well as proper use of props to enhance mobility, strength, and longevity. One class dives into prenatal care and safe modifications.

Friday, June 17th

Lower Body Clinic (All levels)

Learn clear alignment for the hips and lower back, and how proper alignment and function of the legs supports optimal lower spine health.

Saturday, June 18th

Prenatal Student and Teacher’s Clinic (Pregnant students & Yoga Teachers Welcome)

Moms-to-be are welcome, so are yoga teachers, who wish to learn yoga practices and modifications for the pregnant body. You will learn asana adaptations, and specific restorative poses and breathing techniques.

Upper Body Clinic

Learn proper technique, alignment and form for maintaining optimal health of wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck during our yoga asana practice.

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URU Yoga Pensacola (Airport location)
2400 Executive Plaza Drive
Pensacola, FL