Conscious Living Yoga

Yoga specifically geared to address pertinent health issues facing older populations and to promote healthy living. We are all aging. Our lifestyles, mindsets, exercise and nutrition help dictate how we age.

Yoga is a balanced exercise for our bodies. It helps combat muscles loss, combat loss of coordination, stimulates neuromuscular connection, increase heart function and lung capacity, stretches the connective tissue, and maximizes space between spinal discs.

Keeping the spine healthy helps us maintain good posture and prevent spinal disorders.

I teach Conscious Living in New Orleans as a series of on-going, monthly classes. Each month has a different focus (i.e. osteoporosis, arthritis, healthy hips, etc.).

Classes include discussion and yogic exercises supported with props, like chairs, to modify traditional poses and build strength, stamina, and balance.

Conscious Living Series

Kelly Haas teaches a monthly series on Conscious Living Yoga, where we address a pertinent health issue facing older populations and to promote healthy living. Each month focuses on a different theme.

One Saturday per month from 2-4pm.

2019 dates and topics:

January 12th > Mental Wellness
February 16th > Hips
March 9th > Spinal Health
April 13th > Women’s Health
May 18th > Knees 

To sign up, please go to Swan River Yoga to reserve your spot. Space is limited and fills up in advance.