Restorative Yoga with Acupunture

November 18th, 6-8pm

With Kelly Haas and Dr. Laura Varga

Soul Space Yoga, West Palm Beach

Need tools for navigating holiday stress? This restorative class is for you!

Enjoy 2-hours of blissful restorative yoga, with hands-on assists, proper use of props, ear seeds with instructions on application that can stimulate pressure points to help reduce anxiety and stress, and an acupuncture savasana!

You’ll walk away with a hand out of yogic practices and breath work techniques to help you manage stress, maintain emotional balance, keep your immune system strong, sleep better, and prevent sickness during stressful times.

Join your guides, Kelly Haas (Certified Yoga Therapist) and Dr. Laura Varga (Functional Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist), as they share their love for the complementary modalities of restorative yoga and acupuncture.


Soul Space Yoga
480 Hibiscus Street, Suite 109
West Palm Beach,FL 33401