Restorative Yoga

Learn to relax deeply.

Restorative yoga invites deep nurturing, receptivity, internal inquiry, and space for healing. It is a great practice for students of any age. Public classes require students have capability of getting up / down from the floor.

Restorative yoga poses help to rebalance your mind and body and counteract the effects of chronic stress and illness.

Most poses are done lying down or seated. Each position offers a full use of props including bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, and eye pillows to create ease and comfort. All poses are demonstrated and clearly explained.

In each class, expect to practice 5-7 poses, plus breath work and meditation. Each pose is held from 5-20 minutes to facilitate relaxation and health.

In this class, I also incorporate hands-on assists, aromatherapy, sound therapy.

Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga with Kelly Haas
Mondays at 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Swan River Yoga