100-Hr Therapeutic Teacher Training

With Kelly Haas


Dates & Times: Postponed. Future dates TBD.



Prepare for Public & Private Classes

Create a blueprint to evaluate students

Address Common Injuries

Learn to address common health complaints & injuries

Principles of Yoga

Apply principles of yoga with the goal of healing the body

Course Description:

At last, 100-hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training!

Designed for yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and health care professionals

Offered in three, 30-hour in class modules, and 10 hours of out-of-class assignment

Therapeutic yoga is a holistic practice that helps your students move out of pain and live more fully. You will learn how to recognize poor posture in your students, and how to help them coun-ter faulty movement patterns with aligned asana. Not only poor physical habits but an array of health issues can be addressed or alleviated using yoga therapeutics. We will apply universal principles of yoga on an individual basis to serve all beings including those with specific health conditions, challenges, physical limitations or injury recovery. Our practices approach the body prescriptively and personally so that we help facilitate a greater flow of energy and health in each student.

Lead facilitator is Kelly Haas, Internationally Associated Yoga Therapist. She is one of few certified yoga therapists in the Gulf Region. Kelly has nearly two decades teaching experience, and she will orchestra and guide you through the entire training.

Guest facilitator & assistant, Katherine Wilder, will offer a posture analysis clinic and functional anatomy throughout the training to teach us how to train our eyes and interpret what we are see-ing and what symptoms are present. Then, through the lens of yoga, Kelly and Katherine will create and adapt asana sequences to best balance individuals. You will be an integrated part of the process!

Katherine Wilder is a licensed massage therapist, integrative body worker, and has years of experience teaching functional anatomy and physiology at Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage. She currently has a thriving private massage practice in West Palm Beach, FL.

Guest facilitator, Lauren Shepley, is a board-certified Physical Therapist who specializes in Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Therapy in New Orleans, LA. She will present on female anatomy, pelvic floor health, and women’s menstrual cycles. Kelly and Lauren will present asana sequence and modifications for women’s cycles.

Kate Aitken, board-certified Physical Therapy Assistant will assist the entire training and offer techniques to deepen our scope of understanding.

Within each module you can expect segments on:

  • -functional anatomy & physiology
  • -asana sequencing
  • -articulation
  • -proper use of props
  • -therapeutic touch
  • -hands-on assists, and
  • -real life students to learn from and practice with

Module Schedule:

Thursday & Friday > 8:30am-4:30pm
Saturday > 11am-7pm
Sunday > 10am-7pm
*with one hour lunch break each day

Module 1:

-Common Ailments; Spinal Health; Women’s Health
• Reading body and movement
• Postural assessment
• Interpreting symptoms
• What is a healthy spine? How does it move?
• Understanding back pain and its sources
• Women’s Anatomy & Health
• Other common injuries

Module 2:

-Therapeutic Yoga for Aging Populations
• Bone health and osteoporosis
• Joint Health, arthritis, and general stiffness
• Role of inflammation
• Joint Replacements
• Understanding & explaining degeneration
• Contraindications for specific degenerative conditions
• Other common injuries

Module 3:

-Adaptive Yoga Practices For Special Needs & One-on-one Privates
• Making all poses accessible
• How to prop and support poses based on your student’s needs
• Therapeutic hands-on assists
• How a therapeutic yoga private differs from other yoga privates
• Neurological Diseases


$2,300 for full 100 hour training; $825 per one module