A Weekend of Yoga Therapy Principles & Conscious Aging Practices

Friday, December 2nd -6-8pm: Spinal Health & Posture
Saturday, December 3rd – 1-3:30pm: Bone Health
Saturday, December 3rd – 4:30-6pm : Women’s Health 
Sunday, Dec 4th – 1-3:30pm: Joint Health 

This weekend workshop series is designed to improve our vitality and health through mindful yogic and movement practices. We will address age related changes in the body, and learn how to counteract sedentary lifestyles, repetitive, unhealthy movement patterns, and common health conditions associated with aging.


Friday December 2nd
Saturday December 3rd
Sunday December 4th


1.5 hour segment = $35
2 hour segment = $45
2.5 hour segments = $55
Full Weekend = $205


Friday, December 2nd, 6-8pm: Spinal Health & Posture

(includes topic of spinal conditions / injuries / scoliosis)  

There is a proverb that states, “You are as young as your spine is old.” As yogis, we feel the effects of intentional spinal movement in all its ranges of motion through our practice. In everyday sitting and moving, we often lose attention to our spinal position and health. 

In this workshop, we address the natural curves of the spine, where we tend to get stiffest fastest, and follow a mindful series of postures to address common misalignments throughout the spine. Our consistent practice can increase suppleness, spinal mobility, and improve our posture.

Saturday, Dec 3rd, 1-3:30pm: Bone Health

(including topics of ostopenia, osteoporosis, and menopause) 

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are chronic health problems in Western society that affect more than half of the US adult population over 50 years of age. These conditions are more prevalent in women, with the onset of menopause. Exercises that include weight bearing, muscle strengthening, and safe movement are proven to have bone-building benefits. Yoga asanas are a wonderful tool for taking our bodies into dynamic ranges of motion to maintain bone density, and improve stamina and balance.

This workshop will introduce a regimen of yoga exercises for preventing and countering these diseases that weaken bones and make us more susceptible to fractures and breaks.

Saturday, December 3rd, 4:30-6pm: Women’s Health 

Our bodies experience cycles, or seasons, just like all of nature. Distinct cycles of our growth, development, and aging occur in the female reproductive system resulting from changing hormone levels. Hormonal changes impact all of the body systems.  

In this workshop, we will address premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, post natal care, and menopause – and learn to soothe their symptoms through yoga practice.

Sunday, Dec 4th, 1-3:30pm: Joint Health

(includes topic of arthritis)

Joints connect bones and provide the human body with movement and support. Arthritis occurs from damage, degeneration, and/or inflammation to a joint, and results in stiffness, pain, swelling, and/or a decrease range of motion. It is the leading cause of disability in people over 55 years of age. 

This workshop will introduce a regimen of balanced exercises and restful poses to support the joints. We will explore how yoga is an optimal, low impact movement practice to maintain range of motion in our joints as we age.

Sunday, December 4th, 4:30-6pm: *Closing session for Swan TTs ONLY