Workshop Classes at Balance Health

Balance Health Studio – Seagrove, FL

Thursday, April 20th – 6-7:30pm

Radiant Shoulders

Our thoracic spine tends to get stiff and weak over time. In this class, we will focus on mobilizing the thoracic spine and aligning our shoulders. The health of our upper back opens up the heart and lungs, and improves breathing and posture. Join us for a greater feeling of vitality and health.

Saturday, April 22nd – 1-2:30pm

Align and Restore Your Spine

Intentional spinal movements, in all ranges of motion, help combat sedentary lifestyle and repetitive, daily movements. We often lose awareness of our spinal shape and posture. This class will address the areas of the spine that tend to get stiffest the fastest, and present a mindful series of postures to address common misalignments throughout the spine.


Balance Health Studio
3547 E. County Highway 30A
Seagrove, FL