Dates: January 5th & January 9th
Saturday, Jan 5th > 12:30-3pm & 4-7pm
Wednesday, Jan 9th > 4-8pm

Yoga is a practice of mind-body awareness, and yoga holds universal principles that are accessible to all students, regardless of ability level. Adaptive yoga honors, educates, and celebrates the fact that every body is different in its ability level, flexibility, strength, shape, and age. To meet each individual’s needs, yoga poses are adapted for practice in a chair, standing, or supine.

Adaptive yoga classes are for all students, including those with a range of physical challenges, such as joint replacement, spinal injuries, brain injuries, spinal surgeries, neurological disease, arthritis, cancer, amputation, or stroke. Through this workshop, you will gain confidence in meeting each student where they are to practice with intention and skill.This workshop offers tools to yoga teachers, therapists, body workers, or health practitioners on how to safely and effectively teach and modify yoga poses, teach breath in stillness and with movement, as well as restoration, and meditation – all with the intention to bring peace and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.


  • Explore universal yoga principles to cultivate mind-body connection
  • Learn to safely and creatively modify traditional poses
  • Learn to use blankets, blocks, chairs, bolsters, walls to tailor poses to each physical body, rather than fitting the body into a particular pose
  • Observation of adaptive class
  • Hands on practice with adaptive students

A strong mind body connection results in a deeper sense of awareness and expression of peace, which translates to connection and healing. These practices help us feel more at ease, whole and in touch with their bodies and minds, rather than defined by a condition or disease.The benefits of yoga are waiting for all of us.

Investment for 10 Hour training: $200