Adaptive Yoga

Yoga is for all of us.

Adaptive yoga is for every body. The class is designed to meet your body where it is, and offer variations of poses to be practiced standing, seated, or lying down.

Taught in a slow, steady, articulate pace, I seek to present modifications that can serve all student to experience the energy and opening that each pose has to offer. Regardless of age or physical ability level, we will explore foundational poses designed to strengthen and open your physical body and deepen your mind body connection.

*New students: please reach out to me prior to class, and tell me about yourself.*

Props recommended:
-Yoga mat
-Two or three blocks
-Two or three firm blankets
-Yoga strap (or scarf, belt, towel)
-A yoga or straight-backed chair
-One bolster (or firm couch cushion / rolled, firm blankets)
-Eye pillow or eye covering

Adaptive Yoga Class

4:45-5:45pm – Adaptive Yoga
Swan River Yoga
Co-taught with Keith Porteous