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Module 2: Therapeutic Application
September 27-28th
Swan River Yoga Midcity

8 Hours Training
Kelly presents Asana Alignment, Yoga Therapeutics, and Asana Labs in Swan River Yoga’s 2019 450-hour Teacher Training

Friday, 9/27 from 6-10pm
Saturday, 9/29 from 1-5pm

Deepen your understanding of how yoga is therapeutic, and how to practice it safely to facilitate healing in the body! We will examine and discuss some of the most common yoga injuries and common human ailments (low back pain, vertebral disc disorders, sciatica, scoliosis), and the physical misalignments that can lead to or exacerbate injuries.

We will create clarity in physical form, and help the body tap into its innate healing wisdom through a wide array of yoga asana. Plus, our exploration includes contraindications to foundational poses, yoga asana practice, discussion, and hands-on assists.

Investment: $150 FULL workshop: $80 /session

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Art of Alignment: Module 1
August 16-17th
Swan River Yoga Midcity
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