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12 hour Training
Kelly presents Asana Alignment, Yoga Therapeutics, and Asana Labs in Swan River Yoga’s 2019 450-hour Teacher Training

Art of Alignment: Module 1
Aug 16-17th, 2019
Swan River Yoga Midcity

Friday, 8/16 from 6-10pm
Saturday, 8/17 from 1-5pm & 6-10pm

This workshop is a great opportunity for both teachers and dedicated students to study and experience effective asana alignment! Building from the foundation of mountain pose, we practice alignment and action of the whole body through asana. Our yoga asana practice should leave an imprint on the body that clears us, and frees up daily movement patterns, facilitates better posture, and benefits our overall health.

Students will deepen their understanding on how to align in foundational yoga poses, and teachers will learn to offer clear instruction for their students and more readily read misalignments.

Our gathering will include yoga practice, discussion, observation exercises, hands-on assists, Q & A, and partner work!

Investment: $80 / session; $200 workshop

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Art of Alignment Module 2: Therapeutic App
September 27-28
For information, click here.