Where to Begin?

Are you new to yoga and not sure where to begin?

Do you have a physical injury or limitation?

Guidance for your yoga path.

IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT, with no prior yoga experience, I suggest starting with Beginners and Restorative classes, or the Foundations series. Here’s the difference…

Beginners classes include fundamental yoga poses, taking the spine safely into all ranges of motion, to promote balanced strength and flexibility. They are dynamic, but move at a slower pace to align in each pose.

Restorative classes are practiced primarily seated and lying down, with use of ample props for support and a focus on breath. They are rejuvenate, stress-relieving, and nourishing in nature.
The Foundation series is a 4-week, once per week, exploration of fundamental poses from the ground up in a smaller setting for more personalized attention.
FOR MORE OF A CHALLENGE, if in good physical health, try the Intermediate Led Practice class to explore more flow-based sequences and some intermediate inversions, arm balances, and backbends.

IF YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL INJURY, limited mobility, and/or disability, I suggest either the Adaptive class or a private one-on-one session to assess your posture and movement, and teach you confidently how to modify the postures for your individual needs.

IF YOU ARE AGING (aren’t we all?!) and wish to study practices of conscious movement, maintains balance, strength, and range of motion, join the monthly Conscious Living classes.
IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, start with a Pre-natal yoga class.
I frequently offer specialized classes and workshop on alignment, women’s health, and aging consciously. Check out my schedule!

The practice and students continue to inspire me to keep practicing and keep learning.

Yoga is for all.