Taught at Swan River Yoga in New Orleans

Adaptive Yoga

Yoga for students with physical limitations or disabilities, practiced in a private setting.

Alignment-based Yoga

Practice with clear physical alignment instructions to balance the body and prevent or heal from injury.

Beginner’s Yoga

Slower-paced class build on clear foundations, balanced actions, and general form of alignment in each pose.

Conscious Living Yoga

Specifically geared to address pertinent health issues facing older populations, with adaptations of foundational yoga poses through use of props and chairs.

Integrative Private Yoga

One-on-one sessions catered to individual needs, goals, and ability levels.

Prenatal Yoga

Safe and adaptive practice for all stages of pregnancy to build strength and openness. Includes restorative, breath work, and dynamic postures.

Restorative Yoga

Supportive practice lying down and seated to calm the nervous system and nourish the body. Postures fully supported by props and held for an extended time.